The Future Belongs To Those Who Build It – Caterpillar

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As the lead global agency for Caterpillar, we are challenged with accelerating their innovation advantage and increase their relevance in the industrial marketplace and beyond.

Their customer’s relentless ambition for altering the very fabric of the world inspires everything they create today and everything they envision for tomorrow.

But becoming an innovator doesn’t happen overnight. It’s earned year after year, something Caterpillar has been doing for the past 91 in fact, now spending $8,000,000 every workday building new technology.

It was our challenge to bring their innovation story to life and shift the perception of Caterpillar as a true technology innovator. To help in our quest, we identified a unique opportunity to be the exclusive brand sponsor of the Wall Streets Journals’ ‘The Current State of Innovation’ five-part multimedia content series. This multichannel opportunity would allow Caterpillar to build brand equity around being a technology and digital innovation leader by showcasing key technology stories and bolster its reputation as a first mover.

To achieve this, the AKQA team illustrated Caterpillar’s innovation story: where it began, where it stands today and where it’s headed in the future.

Each innovation was crafted into an individual story and brought to life as looping animations on Instagram, milestones on a Facebook Canvas timeline and all together as a brand story in a 60-second video, a full page in the Wall Street Journal and everywhere online.

The client, from our direct report to the CMO were so pleased with the creative approach that we decided to expand the campaign wider than the Wall Street Journey, with media partnerships taking place throughout the year with the likes of Bloomberg and TechCrunch.




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