‘Our Greatest Team’ Olympic Marketing Campaign

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Objective: Create the best support for a British Olympic Team ever

With London 2012 just 12 months away, I was hired by the British Olympic Association as the Digital Marketing Manager to support a number of initiatives, including the creation of a marketing campaign that would create the best support Team GB had ever seen.

With the Olympics coming to home soil and the support of home fans proven to deliver a surge in medals for the host nations from previous games, it was an important initiative for the organization to galvanize the nation’s support.

The ‘Our Greatest Team’ concept grew from the insight that this was our biggest Olympic team we had ever sent to an Olympic Games, and whilst there will be 900 athletes (both Olympic and Paralympic) we are ’60 Million strong’ as a nation.

To create the desired support, we had to inform, engage and inspire people of all ages, from across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This lead to the rise of the key player in our strategy, the use of social media as an authentic and inspirational engagement platform to build a community of 60 million strong and invite everyone to join ‘Our Greatest Team’ and be a part of history by showing their support.

With the global stage coming to us, we wanted to mark our own mark on the games. Taking inspiration from street art artists such as Banksy, our design team created iconic graphics of Team GB heroes set against the background of the newly revered sporting venues.

The biggest challenge for the organization was resources and budgets, of which there was very little. The key to our success was partnerships and collaborations, from previous sporting heroes and British celebrity icons to media platforms and technology companies, we were very fortunate that not only did the British public come in mass to support the team, but through relentless effort and strategic partnership agreements we were able to maximize the opportunity


  • 97% awareness of Team GB
  • 45% of respondents claim to be advocates and supporters of Team GB
  • 7 out of 10 say Team GB athletes have replaced music stars and footballers as perfect role models
  • 55% of Britons say Olympic Games are ‘well worth’ the investment for cheering the country
  • 83% of the UK population thought that the Olympics will have a positive impact on the UK and almost half of these people believe the effect will be long-term




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