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Objective: Build the online presence for Team GB ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games, providing news, in-depth information on athletes and sports as well as a platform for fans to show their support.

Awards: One Show Silver Pencil 2012. Webby Awards 2012.

As the newly appointed Digital Marketing Manager for Team GB and less than 10 months until the London 2012 Olympic Games began, we had to quickly create an entire digital strategy from scratch.

A vital pillar of this strategy was our digital platform, which was until this point, mostly nonexistent. As product owner and in charge of the digital strategy, we hired the services of digital agency, Pirata, to help us with the task.

Our strategy was to create a template-based responsive digital platform with an adaptable design framework that would allow for future growth and be able to handle the mass amount of data from athlete information, results and a constant stream of news and content.


With one week until the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, we launched Team GB LIVE – a real time dashboard available online at and as native apps for iOS and Android.

London 2012 will be the first Olympics told in 140 characters and will be the most watched, tweeted, liked, tagged and checked-in event the world has ever seen.

Previous Olympics have been a curated experience with broadcasters controlled what the viewers at home see. Now the power is with the fans to consume the Olympics the way they want.

With the evolution of sport viewing habits, Team GB LIVE is a platform where you can build your own personal Olympic experience and follow just the things you like.

Team GB LIVE put London 2012 into the hands of our fans, providing them with a truly customized Olympic experience. It allowed for a hyper-personalized experience by choosing only the athletes, sports and venues you want to follow and get every London 2012 result LIVE as Our Greatest Team takes on the rest of the world.


Through collaboration we were able to deliver a new and unique digital home that inspired the public to take an interest and actively participate in supporting, following and engaging with Team GB.

London 2012 wasn’t just best performance of a British Olympic team in 104 years, but through clear strategy thinking, collaborative creativity, ingenuity and relentless effort, we had an outright victory in the digital Olympics too.



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