Visa Global Social Strategy – Rio 2016

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In 2016, the planet descended upon Rio for an epic global sporting adventure, the Olympic Games. As a Worldwide Olympic Partner since 1986, Visa believe in the spirit of the Games and their unique ability to engage the world in a way that is positive and inspirational. As the lead digital agency for Visa Global, it was AKQA’s task to help tell that story and engage the world as we all come together to celebrate this global event.

Our task was to create a Global social media strategy that would be rolled across multiple markets, aiming to drive brand preference and usage through content that embodies Visa’s payment leadership and core belief of acceptance demonstrated through product innovation and the adventures they enable.

My role was to create a comprehensive editorial calendar covering the months leading to and the days of the Olympic Games, identifying contextual storytelling opportunities and providing content to support those globally unifying moments, building anticipation for the Olympic Games through the athletes’ journey to Rio and celebrate acceptance through Team Visa, showcasing and celebrating their performances.

Our mission was to invite the world to join Visa by celebrating the biggest moments of acceptance at the Olympic Games and celebrate the culmination of Team Visa’s journey whilst demonstrating the benefits of Visa’s different form factors and how their innovation and acceptance propels the Olympics forward.

The campaign toolkit and content strategy were rolled out to all Global markets, allowing each Visa team to localize the strategy and content for their respective market, leading to a truly holistic and global marketing campaign.


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